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Our Vendor Advocacy Services. Melbourne Property Advocates

Vendor Advocacy Service

When you select Property Home Base as your Vendor Advocate you have engaged a real estate professional to partner you, and to guide you with selling your home or property.

Your Vendor Advocate brings with them many years of experience from previously working in the field as a real estate agent themselves, and are offering you professional, unbiased advice every step of the way. A Property Home Base Advocate will know the tricks of the trade, be highly skilled in the art of negotiation, understand the legalities of selling and how to “play the game”.

Your Advocate will Project Manage every aspect of your sale, from selecting the RIGHT Agent, all the way through to the acceptance of any offers in a Private Sale, or helping you set the right reserve price at Auction.

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Negotiation Only Service

Sometimes a Buyer may approach you before you have listed your home for sale. They may be a developer or your next door neighbour.

If this happens you will likely need some unbiased, professional advice on how to set the right price, various aspects of the sale, as well as having a skilled negotiator to help you progress through the sale of your house or property. If this happens, you can contact us and we can offer you our special flat fee Negotiation Only Vendor Advocacy Service.

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What if you could have somebody oversee the sale of your existing home……and, AT THE SAME TIME ……. have somebody doing all of the leg work and due diligence in the search for & acquisition of your next home? You’d be left to go to work, go to the beach, get your weekends back and not have to deal directly with any Real Estate Agents if you didn’t want to. Sound good?

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How does it work?

5 Easy Steps

Step 1

FREE 1 Hour Consultation

Step 2

Engaging your Vendor Advocate

Step 3

Get set up to SELL your house!

Step 4

The Campaign

Step 5

The Sale

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Part of the consultation will include the Appraisal of your home. We are happy to come and meet with you in your home at a time and day that suits you best. After hours and weekends are fine!

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