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How can it possibly be FREE?

Vendor Advocate Fees

How Can Our Vendor Advocacy Service be FREE?

Everybody knows that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? So how does this service that offers you so much value, come to you for FREE? It’s simple. Property Home Base will charge our Fee for overseeing the project of your sale directly to the Real Estate Agent. You have to pay them anyhow. They will be charging you anywhere between 1% - to – 2.3% commission for the sale of your home. We simply take our Fee from their commission.

Commission sharing is a common practice in the industry. Everything is transparent, documented and signed off by all parties prior to the Agents engagement on a form that is supplied by Consumer Affairs.

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Notice of Commission Sharing FORM

Beware! Some Vendor Advocates will substantially inflate the Agents commission to absorb this commission share. It is a strict policy at Property Home Base that we do NOT engage in this practice. This saves you thousands of dollars.

So in essence, you are engaging TWO for the price of ONE! The Real Estate Agent that we select together will run the campaign, work with potential buyers and report directly back to us. Your Property Home Base Vendor Advocate becomes the Project Manager of your sale, overseeing every aspect, working directly with you to advise you every step of the way.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

Part of the consultation will include the Appraisal of your home. We are happy to come and meet with you in your home at a time and day that suits you best. After hours and weekends are fine!

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